My day started with a rush from the house despite the plea from my mom to get something to eat before leaving for the logistics company located at Katsina Roundabout, Kaduna. It was cold but I tend not to feel the breeze that accompanies the harmattan.

Twenty minutes later, I was at Giglogistics office where I was to deliver four cartons of oxen tombrown packs to Lagos. I greeted the women seated and I headed to the stand where I had to get the attention of the staff to come weigh the cartons. I have established a good rapport with the staffs there especially Sam. He loves the pack of tombrown I give to him occasionally and I also love the discounts I get from him…that’s business you know.

Now, while the staff was weighing the goods I brought , I overheard the women complaining on one particular issue, you know I love to listen to complaints, that’s where value is needed and money comes out from. So one of the women was complaining to the other about her condition of not delivering adequate breast milk to her new born baby, which from all observation was her first. The other woman from all sense was naive and unlearned, so all she could say was “this is hormonal imbalance”

Shortly after my transaction, I quietly seek permission to speak to the woman. I said to her, ma I overheard your discussion but I never mean to interfere, I felt I had solution to your problem that’s why I asked to speak with you in private. I further asked her “is this your first baby” she said “yes” so I said to her, it’s very okay, you don’t need to panic. You need to increase the amount of fluid you take… It may be tough but it’s important if you want to get energy, concentration and focus. I also introduce her to the power in Oxen Tombrown… Letting her know that she needs protein which we have level 1 of it in the tombrown, all thanks to the soybeans in it. This level 1 protein will make her full and stable her blood sugar.

Guess what, she bought two 500gm tombrown packs that day, few days later, she called to thank me. After that day she called, she became our brand advocate.




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